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Why employ several different agencies for the various aspects of your online presence when you can employ one?

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At TDM, we believe that a cohesive approach to your web strategy is best. That’s why the services we offer all complement one another, and are designed to help you get your message across in a consistent, clear way.

As marketers first and foremost, we take an approach to web design and development that you won’t find at companies that only specialise in the build of a site. We look at the whole picture, ensuring your website is created with the functionality and ease-of-use your customers need.

We also have a team that specialises in CGI services. This brings a whole new dimension to your digital presence, giving customers the unique ability to explore your offering in detail. This is particularly useful if you work in the property sector.

Our approach is one of efficiency and cohesion. We take all the strands of your online activity and ensure your message and branding are clear and consistent throughout. Whether you need a full package or one or two elements looking at, we’ll be pleased to lend a hand.

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Branding & Logo Creation

Your branding is an essential part of your business. After all, without it, your customers won’t recognise you at a glance. But it’s more than simply a logo. Your brand represents everything you as a company stands for. It communicates your values, your objectives and your ethos. For that reason, it’s imperative that your branding is consistent across all your marketing channels and all your products.

Creating a solid brand is harder than it sounds. At The Design Mechanics, we’re here to help. We have extensive experience with branding, and can take your vision from concepts through to a fully cohesive brand. Whatever you want to express, we’ll help you do so in visual format with logo design, fonts, colours and more.

Take a look at the ‘Our Work’ section of our site for some examples of how we’ve supported other businesses with their branding. Want to discuss a project? Get in touch with us today to chat about your organisation.

Design Mechanics Branding
Design Mechanics WeB Design & Development


Web Design & Build

Your website is your online shop window. It’s the first real look at your business that customers get, so it has to make a great first impression. But more than that, it has to be simple to navigate and provide the information users are looking for – in an easily digestible format.

Much more goes into web design than high quality imagery and an attractive layout. As professional web designers and developers, we can build you a site that not only looks great, but works hard to convert browsers into buyers. It’s the little things – the placement of calls to action; the speed your pages load; the structure of the site – that make all the difference, and at TDM, we’ll see to it that all these small but important elements are taken care of.

We approach web design and development with a marketer’s eyes, so you can hit the ground running when it comes to appearing in search results. We build with the basics in place so that from the get-go, your pages will be indexed by search engines and you can see which channels are driving traffic most effectively.

Need a new website? Drop us a message and we’ll be happy to talk about how we can help you. Don’t worry, we don’t cost the earth (and our quotes are, of course, without obligation) but you’ll receive a high quality site that helps to grow your business.


Digital Marketing

Of course, having an SEO-optimised site is one thing, but the competition for visibility in the search engines is fierce, and to be in with a fighting chance it helps to have some digital marketing on your side. Here at TDM, we are experts in search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) advertising. We can develop a strategy to ensure customers searching for terms that are relevant to your products will find your website.

SEO and PPC work best in tandem. You may have heard that SEO is a long game – it takes a couple of months for changes to take effect. With PPC, the changes are immediate, and you can see whether those changes are having the impact you want within days. Together, the two disciplines provide the strongest opportunity for your business to appear in search results and, crucially, on the first page of results.

Our SEO and PPC strategies are tailored to suit your needs and business objectives. We’ll help you identify key terms to target and advise on how to divide up your budget to attain the most effective results. Unlike many larger marketing agencies, we’ll be completely honest about what your proposed spend can achieve – and should we feel you could spend less (yes, we said less!) without impacting your visibility, we’ll let you know.

If you need some help getting your digital marketing on point, or have a new site that needs the best possible chance of succeeding, get in touch today and find out how we can help.

Design Mechanics SEO Services
Design Mechanics CGI Visualisations


CGI Visualisations

At TDM, we’re all about creating solutions that will help you win customers or contracts. As specialists in CGI architectural and interior visualisations, we can give architects, estate agents, property developers and designers a unique way in which to bring their concepts to life.

The ability to view the proposed end result of a project on-screen gives clients the opportunity to truly share in your vision. Not only that, it’s also a chance to discuss modifications or identify potential issues prior to work commencing. As such, CGI animations are invaluable for securing planning permission and funding, as well as for avoiding delays further down the line.

We’ve worked on many residential CGI projects for property developers around Kent and beyond, and will deliver a high-quality product that brings your ideas to life and enables you to obtain business.

We offer:

  • Architectural visualisations
  • Photo montages
  • Interior visualisations
  • Product concepts


Content Creation

Content is a critical part of your website and your marketing strategy. An image may speak a thousand words, but it can’t sell a product without some accompanying context. And copy writing is harder than it seems. How do you find the right words to describe your product accurately, or create the short, punchy copy needed for a PPC advert?

With TDM, all that is taken off your hands. Simply give us an idea of what you want to say and we’ll craft the copy to ensure your products and services sell. Our writers are so talented they can make a tea cosy sound interesting, and because we’re experienced, we can get a first draft of your content turned around promptly. It’s also reassuring to know that English is the first language of all our writers, so there’s no gamble when it comes to quality – unlike with cheaper providers.

It’s also useful to know that whatever content you require for online purposes – be it a blog, some product descriptions or a press release – it’s written to be SEO-friendly as standard. So there’s no need to pay for additional SEO optimisation afterwards. Need something for print? No problem. Our writers have experience with writing for magazines and brochures, and can complete copy to the high standard required.

If you’re struggling to find the right words to promote your business or your products, just drop us a line. We’ll happily help you whip up some content that does the job.

Design Mechanics Content Creation

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